Relationship Problems

Something that’s been on my mind lately is how “perfect” things seem to appear online, especially relationships. I can’t scroll through Twitter without seeing at least one “relationship goals” post. The thing I want people to understand about relationships online is it’s not real!

The reality of every relationship is that there are problems. No relationship is perfect. We all argue, we all get annoyed, we all get irritated with the ones we love ESPECIALLY when you live with them.


Mike and I have realized that even on our on youtube channel we have fed into this “don’t show the bad stuff” mentality that couples online share. No one wants to get down and dirty and honest about their relationship. Everyone wants to show the cute, adorable stuff that they believe people want to see.

The reality is that it’s NOT perfect. Mike and I don’t always like each other. Lets get real. We’ve had a child in the past year and no one talks about how much relationships change after children. We have LOTS of responsibilities now and we are constantly exhausted.

Sometimes we just want our own space. Sometimes we just bicker at each other for no reason. Sometimes we don’t feel like talking to one another. Sometimes we don’t want to sleep in the same bed. THAT’S OKAY!

The internet makes it seem like if these things exist within a relationship something is wrong when in reality these things happen more often than not. No they are not a daily occurrence but they happen. We love each other but we don’t always get along.

Relationships have problems. These cute little relationship goals you see online don’t show the whole picture.

Mike and I wanted to get real about the reality of relationships. We argue and bicker but we also laugh and smile. It’s a nice balance but it’d be a lie to make to world believe we are always 100% content. Sometimes we aren’t.

We made this video kind of as a joke but also just to show our sincere selves, not the “perfect couple” image we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing online.

We wanted to challenge other couples to get real about their relationship by posting 5 of their biggest pet peeves but we also wanted them to post 5 things they love about their significant other.

In our video we were just messing around, because that’s how we typically are and we felt we haven’t shown that image to our viewers. We hope you guys will take the challenge and we hope you enjoyed our silly little video!

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