Love sees truth!

When it comes to Interracial couples many like to say that “Love sees no color.” That statement is simply untrue!hubandi6

When Mike and I first met the first thing we noticed about each other were our differences. I was a small town southern girl, he was a foreign city boy. I was Christian, he was an atheist. I was black and he was white. We noticed these things from the very beginning, this set us apart as a couple. We were different.

Fast forward a few years and we are married with a baby boy. A lot has changed in our relationship and in the world.  A topic that has often come up in our relationship due to recent events, is racial tension.


We have felt the weight of the world’s issue with this (especially in America) on our relationships, and I constantly feel obligated to justify why we are together to those who don’t understand it.

A huge misconception that bothers me the most is the idea that interracial couples ignore race completely… This is not the case at all. We haven’t decided to ignore each other’s differences we decided to accept them.

Throughout the course of our relationship, we have spent a lot of time learning about each other and why we are so different. I shared my culture with him, and he shared his. This has only helped us grow as a couple. When we say we wish the world could be “like us” we are speaking on the issue of not accepting each other’s differences. It takes tolerance and understanding to grow as people.

My husband and I are together because we accept our differences not because we pretend we are the same. We recognize that we are not that same. We find that that is what makes us unique and beautiful. I would not have learned as much as I have had I’d married someone exactly like me. We want to carry the idea of tolerance and love and spread it to others because we feel our relationship is a reflection of just that.


When we look at our little boy we see love. We see a beautiful combination of cultures come together as one.

There are still so many who look at us and see something wrong.

We need to accept that we are all different, but learning about those differences will do more good than ignoring them.

Spread more love!

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