Blogmas Day One!


It’s officially December and I am so excited! Not only is Christmas approaching but my husbands birthday, mine and our wedding anniversary!

There is just so much to celebrate!

I decided to do Blogmas because I love Christmas and due to my poor mental health I really wanted something that would get me into a festive Christmas mood!

So everyday this month until Christmas I am challenging myself to do something “Christmassy” (I just made that word up) and post about it here!

Today on my Christmas checklist…


There are so many holiday specials at restaurants and we decided to make a quick trip to IHOP today. I just LOVE that they make Christmas pancakes.

I decided to try their dark chocolate peppermint pancakes.


I LOVED these! It was so interesting to taste peppermint on a pancake but for those of you who love the chocolate mint combo this is for you!

The pancakes were so fluffy and the chocolate flavor was so rich!


My husband on the other hand was NOT a fan. He doesn’t like the taste of mint and chocolate together and I used to be that way when I was younger but quickly grew out of it. Anything mint automatically reminds me of Christmas… it has a cool and fresh taste.

For my little one we decided to get chocolate pancakes as well. I love than IHOP has these cute little happy face pancakes.


He enjoyed eating all the whipped cream.

All in all I’d say I enjoyed the first day of December. Let me know what Christmas treats you’ll be trying this month and if you’re also participating in Blogmas send me links in the comments below!

Happy Blogmas!

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