A Time to Celebrate

It’s December 16, 2016 my birthday. My anniversary is tomorrow and finals are over (Praise God). There is just so much to celebrate.

Lately I’ve been so thankful for the few loved ones I have in my life. Growing up I never really felt appreciated so having people shower me with love and kindness always makes my day.

A few days ago my in-laws from abroad (Belgium) surprised my husband and I with gifts. We were sent this…


I love fragrances but could never afford anything THIS nice so I was ecstatic!


Mine came in this elegant packaging and I’m kind of obsessed with the color. The smell is even better, perfect for a fancy dinner which was exactly what came next.

My husband thought he would surprise me with a dinner date. We usually just bum it out at home on the sofa watching Netflix but we finally had the chance to dress nice and have a date. It was so nice to go out alone with my guy, we are usually with our little man and as much as we love being parents, sometimes a nice date is necessary. It’s one thing I would suggest every married couple do even with children. Keep the spark alive.

We went to a European restaurant in Little Rock, AR called The Pantry. Absolutely delicious! I had the chicken pesto flatbread and it was amazing.


We also went to see a comedy show sadly not enough people showed up and it ended up being cancelled… the cons of living in a rural state. I still really enjoyed myself.

Today I chose to spend my birthday with my little family. So we took our son to play at this fun little indoor playhouse called The Wonderplace. I’m happy when I see my little man happy.


He had so much fun and I’m a kid at heart so going to this place make me just as excited.

It’s so nice to have an excuse to let my inner child out.

After spending sometime playing in the sand and with plastic toys we decided to end the day with a quick trip to the mall.

I initially wanted cute santa pictures but when we ran to the bathroom we walked in right as Santa was coming out… and it was pretty stinky and awkward.

Needless to say we didn’t get Santa photos.


No worries though the day still ended well, my husband decided to surprise me again with my absolute favorite!



Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE cheesecake, pumpkin spice and vanilla.

This man totally has me figured out and I am so thankful to have someone that knows how to turn the little things into the big things!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (and anniversary too even though I’m a day early)

I’m going to have the rest of that cheesecake now!

Until next time..


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