Terrible Two


So my tiny baby isn’t so tiny anymore! Yesterday was his second birthday and It’s so strange to look back and see how much he has grown. It’s like some sort of strange dream.

I never knew my life could change so much in just two years but this little guy has really changed things for the better. It’s really incredible how being a mommy has changed me, I never knew it was possible to care about one person this much.

I couldn’t help but make a quick little sappy post to reflect on what it feels like to watch him grow. It’s hard to express my feelings toward my little man because it’s so much deeper than most even realize. I don’t have many close relatives, I never knew what it felt like to have a close bond with parents or family members. For the most part I’ve always felt alone. So the bond we have is magical to me. I feel like I finally have a “real” family.


It’s so sweet to watch him eat his little cake and get messy and have no concept of what is happening. It lights me up to watch him play with gifts and run around with toys excited and full of life. I never want it to change. I hope he stays this happy forever.

This post may seem like a journal entry, and it sort of is. I want to look back next year and see how much more he has grown and just enjoy the fact that I get to continue to watch it happen.

In other news, it seems to be becoming a birthday tradition for him to get sick the next day. Poor baby couldn’t hold a thing down all day, and I spent the day worried, taking care of him. That’s all a part of the job though and I’ll gladly snuggle my little man until he feels better.

Despite all the stresses plaguing me and my little family I’ll continue to take time to reflect on how lucky I am to have this sweet boy.

Will update with more toddler posts soon.

Until next time


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