How to Stay Motivated for Midterms!


If you’re anything like me you’re probably already exhausted with your spring classes and are struggling to get by. Spring break is just around the corner and you want to keep good grades but would rather be watching Netflix than studying.

If this sounds anything like you, hopefully a few of the tips below will help.

Find your perfect study place

In order to have a successful study session you need to make sure you’re in the right space to do so. If you have loud neighbors, live in a crowded dorm or are easily distracted by tv screens get out and find a quiet place.

Some libraries offer meeting rooms and cubicles you can use to study. You may even try a quiet lobby if you live on campus or a coffee shop. Note: If you try a coffee shop make sure it’s not during peak hours when it’s super busy. Sometimes studying outside with a blanket and a snack is great too! Fresh air can sometimes be all you need to help you focus.

Reward Yourself

There are times when I’d really rather be watching Netflix than studying, in moments like these I’ve set up a system where I study in intervals and reward myself when I have a break.

Try telling yourself if you study for 30 minutes to an hour you can then go get a treat, watch an episode of your favorite show or visit a friend. It may not seem like much but if you do it several times a day you’ll be surprised how much you end up studying.

Find a Study Buddy

If you’re the type that has trouble retaining the information you study or find yourself reading and then going completely blank right after then you may need a little help. Find someone who you know will actually help you study and set up several times a week to meet for a study date. Note: Do NOT ask that friend that you know will not help. You know the one… you’ll end up laughing and looking at memes on Twitter.

Find someone you know will actually help you study and quiz each other. You’d be surprised how much faster you retain information when you not only read it but hear it. Oh and it never hurts to reach out to that friend that always creates a Quizlet for everyone. Bless!

Keep Your Eye on The Prize

When you’re really low on motivation I suggest using a countdown app or widget. Whether you’re graduating soon or just counting the days until spring break, it always helps to have something to look forward to, to keep you motivated.

For me personally I’m motivating myself to get through my exams by reminding myself that spring break is the week after and I’ll hopefully be on the beach in my bikini with my family relaxing!

So go find a quiet place, grab a friend and set those countdown widgets! Hopefully these tips will help. Good luck!


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