Spring Break for Millennial Parents: Kid-Friendly Vacation in Destin, Florida!

So as a young college student and mommy spring break is a little different for me than it is for many of my peers. I decided to share my family-friendly spring break trip with you guys! My family and I spent our Spring Break in Destin, Florida! It's absolutely gorgeous with bright white sand beaches [...]

Understanding SEO; Basic Tips and Tricks

So for my PR-Tactics class we had a brilliant speaker named Haley Burkhead, owner of marketbeautifully.com, who came to speak with us about SEO and I thought I'd share what I learned. The term SEO is short for search engine optimization which means optimizing your website, or business so that it can be easily found [...]

How to reach your mental health goals in 2017

When we tend to focus on our physical fitness goals for the new year but overall wellness requires more. If you're like me and struggle with poor mental health this post is for you. I've struggled with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and intrusive thoughts for numerous years. While things have improved a bit I'd be [...]